The following are resources I personally use and recommend.


  • Chapo Trap House
    A politically themed comedy podcast with ancillary shows (for paid subscribers) covering historical events.
  • Tides of History
    Long-running history podcast by author and historian Patrick Wyman.
  • Barbell Medicine
    Exercise and fitness advice from the perspective of doctors who also lift, bro.
  • The P.O.D. Kast
    A podcast covering nu metal bands from the 90s and 2000s.
  • Heavy Hands
    High-quality MMA fight breakdowns and analysis, for the discerning fans of face-punching.
  • You Are Not So Smart
    General information podcast covering a broad variety of subjects and interviews with authors and field experts.
  • Citations Needed
    Left-leaning political commentary on the current news cycle.
  • Behind the Bastards
    A show profiling some of the worst people in history.

YouTube Channels

  • Big Loz
    Former professional strongman and wife team provides analysis, interviews and live coverage of strongman events.
  • Alexander Bromley
    Competitive strongman and lifter provides training advice and commentary.
  • LowKo TV
    Professional StarCraft 2 matches with commentary.
  • Artosis Casts
    Professional StarCraft matches with commentary.
  • Alpha Investments
    Coverage of Magic: The Gathering and other collectible products from a financial / collector’s perspective.

Mixed Martial Arts


  • MetaFilter
    Olde tyme news aggregator / blog.
  • Slashdot
    IT and technology news, a shell of its former self but a resource nonetheless.
  • The Metal Archives
    Extensive listing of metal bands, albums, and all related information.
  • Barbell Medicine
    Fitness, exercise and general health information presented for the layman. They also sell apparel, supplements, coaching and consultation services.