Albums of the Week: July 17-23

A round-up of the various albums I listened to during the week. Always guaranteed to be a mix of old and new records, spanning most genres.

  • Agriculture, Agriculture (Bandcamp)
    Self-described “ecstatic black metal” outfit drops one of the years best releases in the genre, and lives up to their eccentric billing. Fans of Liturgy should love this.
  • Death Grips, Exmilitary (YouTube)
    Unfortunately this one is missing from streaming services. I’ll assume it’s due to some sample clearance issues, but who knows really. At least Spotify has “Guillotine” available.
  • Sleep Token, Take Me Back To Eden (Spotify)
    This pop-metal experiment quickly barged onto my tentative Albums of the Year list and it may even clinch the top spot. Tremendous record, full-length review on the way.
  • VNV Nation, Electric Sun (Spotify)
    Still enjoying this one very much. Absolutely an Album of the Year quality record.

That’s all for this week!

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