Albums of the Week: June 26-July 2

I’ve been on vacation and haven’t been paying too close attention to everything I’ve been listening to as of late. Here are some of the highlights of the past few weeks:

  • Periphery, V: Djent is Not a Genre (Spotify)
    A tremendously heavy, genre-blending masterpiece.
  • Queens of the Stone Age, In Times New Roman (Spotify)
    Josh Homme and co. are back with another solid record packed with catchy riffs and grooves.
  • Panopticon, Kentucky (Bandcamp)
    My vinyl copy of the most recent reissue finally arrived, and it’s a great mix and just as enjoyable a listen as the album was when I first heard it.
  • lovelytheband, Finding it Hard to Smile (Spotify)
    I heard “Broken” on a friend’s playlist while out fishing, and it immediately bored itself into m skull. The whole album is quite good as well.
  • Mesarthim, Arrival (Spotify)
    Another solid release from this Aussie space-metal duo. Not breaking any boundaries, either.
  • Thantifaxath, Hive Mind Narcosis (Spotify)
    Blistering, black metal cacophony.

See you next week!

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