Albums of the Week: May 29-June 4

A round-up of the various albums I listened to during the week. Always guaranteed to be a mix of old and new records, spanning most genres.

  • Khanate, To Be Cruel (Bandcamp)
    I reviewed this last week, and I’ve been mildly obsessed with it ever since it dropped.
  • POSTE, Whatever Keeps You From It (Bandcamp)
    Saw these guys live two weeks ago and I’ve found my favourite Ottawa-based shoegaze band! They put on a great show, and the record is excellent.
  • VNV Nation, Electric Sun (Spotify)
    I don’t see this album falling out of my regular rotation any time soon.
  • Jerome’s Dream, The Gray In Between (Bandcamp)
    I’m still not sure that I accept “powerviolence” as a genre, but I’m getting old and no one asked me.
  • Mesarthim, Arrival (Bandcamp)
    Everyone’s favourite Australian space metal band is back with another full-length.
  • Krallice, Porous Resonance Abyss (Bandcamp)
    Yeah, the Album of the Year list contenders are sticking in heavy rotation…

That’s all for this week!

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