Albums of the Week: May 8-14

A round-up of the various albums I listened to during the week. Always guaranteed to be a mix of old and new records, spanning most genres.

  • Cattle Decapitation, Terrasite (Spotify)
    Yet another solid collection of tunes from Cattle Decapitation, keeping the intensity high while still finding a way to include melodic elements. I’ve been a huge fan since The Anthropocene Extinction.
  • VNV Nation, Electric Sun (Spotify)
    This is really growing on me, the more I listen to it.
  • Krallice, Porous Resonance Abyss (Bandcamp)
    I’m still very much enjoying this synth-drenched black metal experiment.
  • The Acacia Strain, Step Into the Light (Spotify)
    One of those bands I always meant to check out and simply never got around to. This new album is 23 minutes — spread over 10 tracks — of crushing, brutal metal.
  • Billy Woods x. Kenny Segal, Maps (Bandcamp)
    I didn’t really have a lot of free time to give this my full attention, so expect to see it on a few more lists going forward.

See you next week!

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