Albums of the Week 2023: April 24-30

A round-up of the various albums I listened to during the week. Always guaranteed to be a mix of old and new records, spanning most genres.

  • Slowthai, Ugly (Spotify)
    I meant to get to this much sooner, but it was worth the wait. I only listen to a small stable of rap artists, but Slowthai has muscled his way into that lineup. I liked his last record, Tyron, a lot and Ugly is leaps above that.
  • JPEGMAFIA x Danny Brown, Scaring the Hoes (Spotify)
    I’m almost done working on my review, but the album is getting regular listens regardless. One of the best rap records of 2023.
  • Cathexis, Untethered Abyss (Bandcamp)
    A really sick technical death metal album with a good sense of groove. Production is top-notch, delivering thick, crunchy riffs and sickening dissonance.
  • Loincloth, Psalms of the Morbid Whore (Bandcamp)
    An instrumental metal record from 2017, this album features an incredible bass tone and elite level drumming showcased throughout.

A somewhat light week for listening, due to work and life obligations.

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