Albums of the Week 2023: April 17-23

A round-up of the various albums I listened to during the week. Always guaranteed to be a mix of old and new records, spanning most genres.

  • Anarchonism, Meanders (Bandcamp)
    Really enjoyed this experimental death metal album, it had the right amount of dissonance and off-kilter riffing without overplaying either. A little over 32 minutes, it’s the perfect length in my estimation.
  • Conjureth, The Parasitic Chambers (Bandcamp)
    Throwback death metal that reminds me a lot of Nile but with a little more groove. Really fun record to listen to.
  • Decrepit Cadaver, Revelations (Bandcamp)
    Brutal tech death, the sort of thing I love in the live setting but whole albums tend to be too monotonous for me. I appreciated this record for it being ~23 minutes and solidly executed. Not really my thing, but I’d go see these guys live without hesitation.
  • Deftones, White Pony (Spotfiy)
    I’ve been listening to a lot of nu metal — and related podcasts — lately, and Deftones keep coming up. I’ve never been a big fan, although I am definitely not a hater. White Pony did not connect with me back in the day, but I enjoyed it this time around. There may be a more thorough review coming, but it finally made sense to me.
  • Inherits The Void, The Impending Fall of the Stars (Bandcamp)
    A solid melodic black metal record, and one of the best of the year. Reminded me a lot of Gallowbraid and Vindland, if you’re looking for some generally unhelpful references.
  • JPEGMAFIA x Danny Brown, Scaring The Hoes (Spotify)
    I’m still working on my full-length review of this. I’ll say this much, you can expect to see this on my Albums of the Year list when I post it in December.
  • Liturgy, 93696 (Bandcamp)
    One of my favourite progressive, experimental metal bands, Liturgy have yet to disappoint me with the bizarre, glitched-out compositions they’ve been crafting over the past few years. This is a very lengthy record, but well worth the attention. I’ll likely be reviewing it in a month or so, when I give it more complete listens.
  • Megaton Sword, Might & Power (Bandcamp)
    A great album blending power and traditional metal. Lots of great riffs, great pacing and variety in the song writing. I’m really selective about anything with power metal tendencies and I loved this album.
  • Metallica, 72 Seasons (Spotify)
    I published my full review of the album this week. TL;DR they’ve done much, much worse.
  • Rings of Saturn, Gidim (Bandcamp)
    For whatever reason, I tried to do some Googling to see what happened to this band after their split with Nuclear Blast and…. nothing. They released a self-titled instrumental record last year and it was not good. Anyway, this prompted me to revisit this effort and it’s still some banging deathcore. “The Husk” is a tremendous song with a great solo.

As always, hit up the About page and let me know if you have any recommendations.

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